How to Know the Worth of Silver Dollar in Your Collection?

It’s worth having a silver dollar in your collections. If you find one, the first thing to do is to check what type of silver coin it is. Now the question is how to do that? Well, this guide will help you know the worth of silver dollar you own.

Identifying the type of silver dollar

Identifying a silver dollar could be a complex process. However, you can identify the coin by categorizing it according to its date. There are 3 main categories:


Following types of silver dollars belongs to this category:

  • Flowing hair dollar: It was the first dollar issued by US. It includes a several varieties which is why it’s quite complex to maintain its information. Due to lack of technology, back then, no two coins were alike. The dies, silver blanks were all different.

  • Bust Dollar: It is quite similar to flowing hair dollar. Considering the uniformity (thickness, off center dies), there are lots of varieties here too. Usually, the dollar value is around $678. However, it may vary (increase) according to the date.
  • Gobrecht Dollar: Early version of this dollar had inscriptions “ GOBRECT F” above the date. Moreover, there was a large eagle flying on the left side. The value of this dollar is around $11,646 – $35,754.
  • Seated Liberty Dollar: It is classic and rarely found. They have lower survival rates and mintages. A well maintained seated liberty dollar can be of $245 or more.


This is one of the most essential parts of silver dollar era. The dollars of this era are quite popular:

  • Morgan Dollar: Each and every collector wants to own at least one Morgan dollar. Solely, the silver content inside the coin is worth over $20.06. The grading images, value charts, dates and mintmark can push its value much higher.

  • Peace Dollar: Because of the higher prices of silver, a peace dollar is worth $19, 95. It counts for something if you own this one. This because like other dollars, you’ll find certain varieties and rare dates here as well.


The period addresses strictly Eisenhower Dollars. They’re popularly called as “Ikes” in coin collector. Of all only 40% of the dollars belonging to this period contains silver composition, while rests are made of copper-nickel, clad containing no silver.

We want to inform our readers that the value of the above listed dollars is based on certain factors like mintmark, grading range, date of coin, variations etc.