How Much Should You Spend Buying a Motorhome?

If there was something that could be described as the ultimate road trip idea, it would be traveling through one’s country in a motorhome. It’s the perfect way to enjoy seeing new places while always having your bed with you. You may be ready to make the move to the road trip lifestyle and are looking into caravan sales.

The good news is that you’re bound to have the experience of a lifetime. The bad news may be that you need to take your time while shopping to ensure that you don’t spend way too much on a vehicle. After all, everyone is trying to make an extra buck and there will be many people who trying to sell campervans and motorhomes for a bit more than their worth.

Whether you want something simple like a campervan or you’re looking for a larger motorhome to fit your family, there are several options for you to choose from. Of course, the price differs when it comes to size and amenities.


To help you have an idea of what to expect in pricing while browsing caravan sales in Australia, the following are the average prices for various styles of RVs:

  • A used motorhome that fits two people and is 4×4 equipped could cost you around 300,000. One that costs this price typically includes a few extras such as a TV and a dual fuel tank.
  • A used class A motorhome with a lounge and dining room, kitchen essentials, two slide out areas, and plenty of storage will tend to cost around 250,000.
  • A simple RV with a one-room space for the kitchen, bed, and dining that has a slide out living area which has been used before but is in good condition should run at about 139,000.
  • A used campervan can run as low as 4,000, depending on it’s condition.

It’s important to remember that there will be plenty of extra costs for driving a motorhome. From the maintenance to the petrol, the motorhome lifestyle isn’t the cheapest. Used motorhomes are typically around the above prices with new ones costing even more.

Special, luxury features make the cost go even higher, so if you don’t want to be spending too much on your motorhome, avoid shopping for the fancier, luxury one. A top motorhome with plenty of space and the best finishing around could cost up to more than 300,000.

Before shopping, you’ll want to consider if you must have a brand-new option or if a used motorhome will work out just fine for you.

Some Alternatives

If you’re not sure that you’re ready for a purchase as large as buying a motorhome, there are other alternatives. You don’t want to make such a large investment if you aren’t yet sure that this is a long-term lifestyle that you want to live.

An idea that you could try is renting a campervan for about a month and road tripping around the country in it. There are some budget-friendly options that won’t cost you much and you can discover if it’s the lifestyle for you or if it was better left as a daydream.

Another thing that you could do to really save money and try out the road tripping life is to offer to drive a campervan or motorhome back to the rental hub. There are services in Australia where a person will rent a vehicle to arrive to their destination but will fly back home from there. The rental company is left with the need to get their rental back, so will allow people drive it back for a dollar a day while allowing them some extra time to see places. This idea is best for a three-day road trip.


As you can see, investing in a motorhome is a big decision. Whether you choose an affordable option such as a used campervan or you would rather go all out for a brand new one, it’s an investment that requires a commitment.

If you’re sure that you want to buy an RV, then take your time and do your research beforehand. Many dealerships tend to overprice their motorhomes, especially during peak season, so consider looking in off-times and browsing options online.

Don’t forget that choosing to use a motorhome isn’t only a one-time cost and that’s it. It will require you to spend a lot over the months and needs upkeep. You want to make sure that you have more than just the cost of the motorhome.

The more caravan sales that you check out, the more chance there is that you will find a good, fairly-priced motorhome. If you’re not yet ready to make the jump, then go ahead and try a caravan rental beforehand to see if the road tripping lifestyle is the life for you.