Gel Nail Art

As the name suggests, gel plays the lead role in this kind of nail art. It is divided into two categories Hard and Soft:-

Hard gel once cured, becomes difficult to be made into a nail extension. Nail extensions are artificial nails that look like nails but better.

Soft gel is too soft to be made into an extension. So it is mainly found in gel nail paints and other nail paint overlaying services. They are becoming increasingly popular in the nail art world. Gel nail paint lasts longer, is shinier and more reliable than the ordinary one. The lustre remains the same for days. There is no chipping, cracking or peeling of polish. These are used by professional artists.

Gel of every form requires hardening or strengthening performed by a UV (ultraviolet) light, which comes in the form of either conventional bulb or LED lamp. If you have a fabulous gel nail design, you should share it on the website – to inspire other women.