Are You Able To Locate An Affordable Home In Glendora?

Regardless of how you define the term, affordable, the Glendora Housing market has lots of choices for your consideration. And, home values in the region have stabilized in the last few years making the region certainly worth thinking about for that discerning home and condo shopper.

Homes Cost Range

The median sales cost for any home in Glendora is $406,000, up from $386,000 last year. So, while prices fell in the 2007 and 2008 levels, they’ve stabilized and therefore are even rising in this region within the last few years. It doesn’t mean, however, that homes and condos in Glendora are gone-priced. You may still find lots of options home based prices varying from under $200,000 to $a million and slightly over.

Glendora Property $a million Plus

In those times, three single-homes offered for slightly over $a million. Certainly one of individuals homes offered in March and yet another three offered in May. They are large homes with luxury appointments, frequently having a pool and/or perhaps a view.

The $400K to $999K Range

Roughly 39 homes within this cost range offered in the past three several weeks. A couple of of those homes offered in March, but many were offered in April and could. These are typically single story homes with three to five bedrooms.

Cost Range $200K to $375K

Thirty-six homes within this cost range offered in the past three several weeks. Many of these homes have 3 bedrooms but there’s also 2 bed room homes that offered within this cost range.

Lately Offered Condominiums

There have been 8 condominiums that offered in the period period under consideration. These condos ranged in cost from $185K to $390K. Just one condo offered in March as the balance from the condos offered in April and could.

What Recent Sales Figures Reveal

When you are aware what’s really selling within an area, you receive a pretty accurate picture from the local market. For instance, there have been 51 homes that offered in Glendora previously year. That’s a greater quantity of yearly sales than for the preceding 4 years. In 2007 there have been 47 homes that offered in 2008 17 homes offered in ’09 37 homes offered as well as in 2010 45 homes offered. These figures indicate the Glendora housing market has continued to be strong through the latest property slow lower.

Property foreclosure and Short Purchase Stats

A really portion of homes in Glendora have observed property foreclosure but roughly 28 percent of homes offered for any loss. That compares unfavorably with 1 % of homes that offered for any reduction in 2007. Throughout this property downturn, the proportion of homes that offered for any reduction in Glendora rose to 9 % in 2008, 18 percent in ’09 and 26 % this year. However, when comparing Glendora with nearby Covina and West Covina where 37 percent of homes in every city offered for any loss, you can observe that it’s a more powerful market than most of the surrounding metropolitan areas.